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Above all is the Source of Life or God as we call Him here on Earth. From Him emanates creation. His Hierarchies (angels, archangels etc.) look over humanities at planets and enforce the law of God if necessary. t may seem strange to you, but a lot of them live at planets r Suns, which they govern. Spiritually they are far far more evolved than humans that live on Earth. When humanity degenerates morally and cannot be reversed into a balanced state, then with regret is left to be destroyed and only a very small part of it remains. This has happened many times in Earth`s history and will happen again if humanity does not change the way everyone treat others and his/her own self. A recent example was the destruction of Atlantis and many countries that existed at that time. Atlantis inhabitants were evolved technologically far more than we are now but they were full of ego. Love and how one behaves towards other people shows how evolved spiritually a world is, according to what our Lord had said:

6:27 But I say to you who give ear to me, Have love for those who are against you, do good to those who have hate for you.

6:28 Give blessing to those who give you curses, say prayers for those who are cruel to you.

6:29 If a man gives you a blow on one side of your face, then let the other side be turned to him; from him who takes away your coat, do not keep back your robe.

6:30 Give to everyone who comes with a request, and if a man takes away your property, make no attempt to get it back again.

6:31 Do to others as you would have them do to you.

6:32 If you have love for those who have love for you, what credit is it to you? for even sinners have love for those who have love for them.

6:33 And if you do good to those who do good to you, what credit is it to you? for even sinners do the same.

6:34 And if you let those have the use of your money, from whom you are hoping to get it back, what credit is it to you? even sinners do so to sinners, hoping to get back as much as they gave.

6:35 But be loving to those who are against you and do them good, and give them your money, not giving up hope, and your reward will be great and you will be the sons of the Most High: for he is kind to evil men, and to those who have hard hearts.

6:36 Be full of pity, even as your Father is full of pity.

An example of a corrupted society was ancient Greece, especially a few centuries before Christ. People had declined spiritually despite their civilization. Thus Divine Justice let Romans to conquer them. Later it became Byzantine Empire.

Which lost its spiritual character that many saints and monks gave them, became a corrupted society as well and Hierarchies allowed Turks to conquer it. In history there is a tale in which Muhammad the Second after the conquest of Constantinople was shown a vision. Its explanation was that if there were five true Christians he could not touch the city.

Unfortunately everyone believes that he/she is going well spiritually despite that he/she is doing the opposite than our Lord tells. Fortunately for the people that live at Greece there are some Holy men and women living among us and Divine Justice does not punishes us seriously.

(18-6-17) Patience of God will soon end especially for Athens, since its inhabitants do not take His Law seriously. Unpleasant situations are expected. 

(18-5-20) I have made many suggestions to politic and ecclesiastic authorities that they are doing things, opposed to God`s Law. As it was expected they were ignored. Soon Divine Justice will let many natural disasters and other to come.

What should we do then? We should clear our inner self from passions, so that the Grace of God stays within us. That is the essence of Christianity and others as well. To become enlightened people. Perhaps this will make you a bit worried, but fact is that almost all of us are more or less dark people. And we are constantly downgrading spiritually. We can see all of this in our daily life. If one clears his or her defects, he or she will be given virtues-abilities by God. This will happen after much effort, trials and pain. There are some 'schools' where one can get psychic powers by paying money. These places belong even though most do not perceive it at the dark side. Their corresponding part at fifth dimension for many of these "spiritual" centers is a black temple where many unsuspecting persons are initiated at dark rituals, when they are asleep. Of course no one remembers anything due to lack of consciousness, except perhaps a few scenes from a dream. Let's take a look at the wedding tale.

22:2 And Jesus, talking to them again in stories, said:  The kingdom of heaven is like a certain king, who made a feast when his son was married,

22:3 And sent out his servants to get in the guests to the feast: and they would not come.

22:4 Again he sent out other servants, with orders to say to the guests, See, I have made ready my feast: my oxen and my fat beasts have been put to death, and all things are ready: come to the feast.

22:5 But they gave no attention, and went about their business, one to his farm, another to his trade:

22:6 And the rest put violent hands on his servants, and did evil to them, and put them to death.

22:7 But the king was angry; and he sent his armies, and those who had put his servants to death he gave to destruction, burning down their town with fire.

22:8 Then he said to his servants, The feast is ready but the guests were not good enough.

22:9 Go then to the cross-roads, and get all those whom you see to come to the bride-feast.

22:10 And those servants went out into the streets, and got together all those whom they came across, bad and good: and the feast was full of guests.

22:11 But when the king came in to see the guests, he saw there a man who had not on a guest's robe;

22:12 And he says to him, Friend, how came you in here not having a guest's robe? And he had nothing to say.

22:13 Then the king said to the servants, Put cords round his hands and feet and put him out into the dark; there will be weeping and cries of sorrow.

22:14 For out of all to whom the good news has come, only a small number will get salvation.

King in the tale is God, his son our Lord, and guests are Israelite's and every other person who hears God's law and does not follow. Then the Apostles call people from all corners of the Earth. Selection begins, then someone shows up without a guests robe, that is, not pure, with passions and therefore inappropriate. His fate is unfortunately to be sent into the abyss where is weeping and cries. Many are invited says our Lord Christ but only a few are chosen. He does not say that every one will be salvaged.

But where shall we find kingdom of heaven?

17:20 And when the Pharisees put questions to him about when the kingdom of God would come, he gave them an answer and said, The kingdom of God will not come through observation:

17:21 And men will not say, See, it is here! or, There! for the kingdom of God is among you.

We should then search within us for the kingdom of God. All we need to do is to get rid of our passions.

5:21 You have knowledge that it was said in old times, You may not put to death; and, Whoever puts to death will be in danger of being judged.

5:22 But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be in danger of being judged; and he who says to his brother, Raca, will be in danger from the Sanhedrin; and whoever says, You foolish one, will be in danger of the hell of fire.

5:23 If then you are making an offering at the altar and there it comes to your mind that your brother has something against you,

5:24 While your offering is still before the altar, first go and make peace with your brother, then come and make your offering.

5:25 Come to an agreement quickly with him who has a cause against you at law, while you are with him on the way, for fear that he may give you up to the judge and the judge may give you to the police and you may be put into prison.

5:26 Truly I say to you, You will not come out from there till you have made payment of the very last farthing.

5:27 You have knowledge that it was said, You may not have connection with another man's wife

5:28 But I say to you that everyone whose eyes are turned on a woman with desire has had connection with her in his heart.

5:29 And if your right eye is a cause of trouble to you, take it out and put it away from you; because it is better to undergo the loss of one part, than for all your body to go into hell.

5:30 And if your right hand is a cause of trouble to you, let it be cut off and put it away from you; because it is better to undergo the loss of one part, than for all your body to go into hell.

5:31 Again, it was said, Whoever puts away his wife has to give her a statement in writing for this purpose.

5:32 But I say to you that everyone who puts away his wife for any other cause but the loss of her virtue, makes her false to her husband; and whoever takes her as his wife after she is put away, is no true husband to her.

5:33 Again, you have knowledge that it was said in old times, Do not take false oaths, but give effect to your oaths to the Lord.

5:34 But I say to you, Take no oaths at all: not by the heaven, because it is the seat of God;

5:35 Or by the earth, because it is the resting-place for his foot; or by Jerusalem, because it is the town of the great King.

5:36 You may not take an oath by your head, because you are not able to make one hair white or black.

5:37 But let your words be simply, Yes or No: and whatever is more than these is of the Evil One.

5:38 You have knowledge that it was said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.

5:39 But I say to you, Do not make use of force against an evil man; but to him who gives you a blow on the right side of your face let the left be turned.

5:40 And if any man goes to law with you and takes away your coat, do not keep back your robe from him.

5:41 And whoever makes you go one mile, go with him two.

5:42 Give to him who comes with a request, and keep not your property from him who would for a time make use of it.

5:43 You have knowledge that it was said, Have love for your neighbor, and hate for him who is against you.

5:44 But I say to you, Have love for those who are against you, and make prayer for those who are cruel to you;

5:45 So that you may be the sons of your Father in heaven; for his sun gives light to the evil and to the good, and he sends rain on the upright man and on the sinner.

5:46 For if you have love for those who have love for you, what credit is it to you? do not the tax-farmers the same?

5:47 And if you say, Good day, to your brothers only, what do you do more than others? do not even the Gentiles the same?

5:48 Be then complete in righteousness, even as your Father in heaven is complete.

22:37 And he said to him, Have love for the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.

22:38 This is the first and greatest rule.

22:39 And a second like it is this, Have love for your neighbor as for yourself.

What prevents one to live by God`s word? His/her defects (lust, jealousy, pride, hatred, anger etc.) that we all have within us which consist our biggest part. Since most people are like sleepwalkers, do not understand that they are evil because of defects within them and that they do not have love. These defects that many insightful persons have seen as animals within them govern our behavior whether we realize this or not. Lord tells us at His mount speech that humble people (the opposite of proud) will inherit the kingdom of heaven. 

5:1 And seeing great masses of people he went up into the mountain; and when he was seated his disciples came to him.

5:2 And with these words he gave them teaching, saying,

5:3 Happy are the poor in spirit: for the kingdom of heaven is theirs.

5:4 Happy are those who are sad: for they will be comforted.

5:5 Happy are the gentle: for the earth will be their heritage.

5:6 Happy are those whose heart's desire is for righteousness: for they will have their desire.

5:7 Happy are those who have mercy: for they will be given mercy.

5:8 Happy are the clean in heart: for they will see God.

5:9 Happy are the peacemakers: for they will be named sons of God.

5:10 Happy are those who are attacked on account of righteousness: for the kingdom of heaven will be theirs.

5:11 Happy are you when men give you a bad name, and are cruel to you, and say all evil things against you falsely, because of me.

5:12 Be glad and full of joy; for great is your reward in heaven: for so were the prophets attacked who were before you.

Below He is explaining what can really infect a human being. Passions.

15:10 And he got the people together and said to them, Give ear, and let my words be clear to you:

15:11 Not that which goes into the mouth makes a man unclean, but that which comes out of the mouth.

15:12 Then the disciples came and said to him, Did you see that the Pharisees were troubled when these words came to their ears?

15:13 But he said in answer, Every plant which my Father in heaven has not put in the earth, will be taken up by the roots.

15:14 Let them be: they are blind guides. And if a blind man is guiding a blind man, the two will go falling into a hole together.

15:15 Then Peter said to him, Make the story clear to us.

15:16 And he said, Are you, like them, still without wisdom?

15:17 Do you not see that whatever goes into the mouth goes on into the stomach, and is sent out as waste?

15:18 But the things which come out of the mouth come from the heart; and they make a man unclean.

15:19 For out of the heart come evil thoughts, the taking of life, broken faith between the married, unclean desires of the flesh, taking of property, false witness, bitter words.

15:20 These are the things which make a man unclean; but to take food with unwashed hands does not make a man unclean.

Let us now see to whom the kingdom of God belongs.

18:15 And they took their children to him, so that he might put his hands on them: but when the disciples saw it, they said sharp words to them.

18:16 But Jesus sent for them, saying, Let the children come to me, and do not keep them away, for of such is the kingdom of heaven.

18:17 Truly I say to you, Whoever does not put himself under the kingdom of God like a little child, will not come into it at all.

What characterizes children? They are pure, they do not judge like us who feel that we are better than others. They do not lie and ask directly for what they want. The don`t have lust, pride, anger etc.

7:9 After these things I saw a great army of people more than might be numbered, out of every nation and of all tribes and peoples and languages, taking their places before the high seat and before the Lamb, dressed in white robes, and with branches in their hands,

7:10 Saying with a loud voice, Salvation to our God who is seated on the high seat, and to the Lamb.

7:11 And all the angels were round about the high seat, and about the rulers and the four beasts; and they went down on their faces before the high seat, and gave worship to God, saying,

7:12 So be it. Let blessing and glory and wisdom and praise and honor and power and strength be given to our God for ever and ever. So be it.

7:13 And one of the rulers made answer, saying to me, These who have on white robes, who are they, and where did they come from?

7:14 And I said to him, My lord, you have knowledge. And he said to me, These are they who came through the great testing, and their robes have been washed and made white in the blood of the Lamb.

7:15 This is why they are before the high seat of God; and they are his servants day and night in his house: and he who is seated on the high seat will be a tent over them.

19:11 And the heaven was open; and I saw a white horse, and he who was seated on it was named Certain and True; and he is judging and making war in righteousness.

19:12 And his eyes are a flame of fire, and crowns are on his head; and he has a name in writing, of which no man has knowledge but himself.

19:13 And he is clothed in a robe washed with blood: and his name is The Word of God.

19:14 And the armies which are in heaven went after him on white horses, clothed in delicate linen, white and clean.

21:8 But those who are full of fear and without faith, the unclean and takers of life, those who do the sins of the flesh, and those who make use of evil powers or who give worship to images, and all those who are false, will have their part in the sea of ever-burning fire which is the second death.

There are many people here in Greece who have been fooled into thinking that they will be at horsemen armies just by asking it. In order for this to happen one must be free of passions. Revelation speaks again for clean and white clothes and obviously does not refer to the purity of garment but of soul.

When dark side targets someone, they search him/her in order to find out which defects he/she might has and attack through them by sending negative energy. If the person that is attacked responds mentally they absorb his/her energy and feed themselves. By that way we all feed what we call system and this is also how psychic attacks work. They are depending on our fears. If we dissolve them, most of the so-called psychic attacks cannot hurt us.

Something very important that is concealed deliberately from us. All adult human beings inside their body have a miraculous 'aloe', which unfortunately throw away during sexual intercourse or by doing this demonic masturbation habbit according to dark hierarchies teachings that has prevailed on this planet for thousands of years. This is a serious mistake for His Divine Justice that it is equivalent to signing a black magic contract for a person who is on spiritual path, when it is done intentionally. For rest of the people this mistake brings premature degeneration of physical body. According to Divine Law, sexual intercourse should be performed only by a legitimate couple (a man and a woman). That way this aloe can be transformed into energy and circulate in energy channels, repair one`s body, renew it and gives virtues or abilities that Divine Law judges that should be given. Hermes caduceus and many other depictions found at churches, represent these three main energy channels that exist in human body. Transformed aloe which now is energy travels through two channels represented as snakes upward. With this energy and if is allowed by His Divine Law it is possible to awaken the superior energy that exists in a body (known by several names: ihor, fire, snake, kundalini) which moves upward through our spinal column. t could be what our Lord states that one should rise snakes (Mark 16:18). As rest of the perquisites that a person who believes should have, this is also a spiritual virtue, He doesn`t mean to pick up snakes with bare hands, these things are used to happen in India or China. In these times, of course, it is not advisable to play with snakes, as all of these are governed by secret societies, but to leave all of this entirely to Lord and His Angels.

Practically, during lovemaking our thoughts should not be at lustful acts, but to love for our wife/husband, to caduceus and other depictions found at churches, to God. In order for body fluids to begin transforming into energy they should be heated to some extend. For this to happen sexual intercourse should have lasted for at least 30 minutes. Movement of bodies is not necessary. You should stop before tendency of ejaculation comes to you, in order your organ won`t get damaged after a long time. If one can not achieve this, it means that he/she has too much lust, which should be disintegrated using method that is described here and try again. With God`s help everyone can achieve this sooner or later. When lovemaking is done, both of the couple should mentally direct energy to our two main channels that we have inside our bodies.

Compare this that you just read that has purity and benefits, with bad scenes made of lust that most couples do, which is a serious sin.

Warning: It is a serious mistake to use the energy that is emitted from this way of lovemaking to violate free will or harm a fellow human being. There will be severe punishment by God`s Law. Instead this energy should be used to disintegrate our passions.

It is not wise to follow anyone who guides you to do nothing or a earthly 'master'. You need to research about everything and everyone (e.g. about me who you do not know) through praying. Truth can only be experienced when we are ready for it. Movies, books and websites have some information or instructions. It is completely different for someone to know mentally what to do and actually do it. One should eliminate his/her defects that make one do bad things. Time is our only true fortune, although it is something completely different than what have been taught. We should not let it go to waste.

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