In order to increase spirituality one should dissolve his/her egos. hat is the narrow gate that our Lord Jesus Christ has opened for us, in order to make this possible to everyone that follows His steps. That was one of many reasons that He came and sacrificed Himself. This path has been followed in Earth`s history by people from ancient times since today. Those who have walked this path left us traces that we can follow and speed up our journey as much as possible. he difference between others and our Lord is that they were guided by heaven and were just people or angels that came to help and not God Himself. Bottom line is that we have to dissolve darkness inside us in order God`s light to get inside us. Let us not be deluded with this kind of thinking: 'I am a good person - I havent hurt anyone'. When someone is controlled by his or hers ego, is more or less evil or demonic person.

Let's look at the video below how a typical mind of a person who haven't dissolved his egos works. It`s state is in complete confusion with every ego talking through him as useless thoughts. This result to losing happiness and joy. This how most of us are more or less. 


The reason that we have so many useless thoughts is that within us live thousands of psychological "demons" that unfortunately is what our self is mainly consisted of. Ego is something real and alive. Soul is limited to a small part of our body. Since we are almost totally controlled by them, we can not easily perceive them and they manipulate us and steal our energy. This is how we are lead towards to negative situations, negative emotions and misery. Thus, the reason causing our soul to suffer is our ego and not other people. Surely not God. These "demons" communicate with others people demons telepathically and also with dark entities that exist at other dimensions. We should be careful and not let ourselves be one with external stimulus that comes to our senses. Over time we will be able to observe how these psychological demons work which brings upon us all these useless thoughts and actions. By analyzing each thought we can understand which one of them is causing it. Then we will need Divine help because we do not have the strength to dissolve them by ourselves. So we ask Christ or Holy Mary or God`s help to do it. This cannot not be achieved within one day. We must constantly observe ourselves and every thought or negative emotion that we observe, must be analyzed in order to see which one of our egos is causing it. Then we ask for its dissolution. If e.g. dissolution of lust is what we seek we could ask like this: Christ disintegrate my passion of lust.

This small prayer should be done repeatedly and one should increase number of repetitions gradually. One could start from 50 dissolutions every day and after some months or years he or she will be able to do this for a few thousands times per day. You should target on one of seven main passions described below or from 23 secondary ones that are described in this page. By praying like this you can also get rid of any bad habit such as smoking, drinking, drugs etc. You can do this small prayer wherever you are even if you don`t have free time. You only have to observe which passion or defect is acting through you at the specific moment. Don`t forget these described at Revelation ch.21: But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars - they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.

One can dissolve every passion, defect or habit that he/she has by the repetition of this simple prayer Jesus Christ have mercy on me. Before start doing this you should have in mind which defect you want to get rid of. You should start praying for about 20 minutes per defect daily and increase time gradually. By praying like this you can also get rid of any bad habit or passion. You should target on the same passion, defect, bad habbit for many months or even years.

Spiritual life is like classes in school. One could start by saying a few times a day: thank God. This will connect him/her with Him. In order to experience to a small degree what Holy Spirit is, you have to participate at church`s mysteries and pray. Next class in spiritual school is when our prayers are targeting and destroying each one of our defects. After much effort and pain Holy spirit will enter and stay permanently in us and give us true wisdom and abilities. This is mentioned also at Revelation 7.14: These are the ones who come out of the great tribulation, and they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb.

There are other spiritual classes, for one that has finished with previous ones. f all these or the analysis of term Angel does not sound familiar to your soul, at least stay close to church mysteries and keep away from lust.

Spiritual transformation reminds us that of a butterfly. At beginning this beautiful insect begins as a repulsive caterpillar. When its cellular structure begins to change, it resists with all its strength. Then it is slowly surrendering to this process which will later make it one of the most beautiful creatures in nature. Maybe the happiest. A person who is on the spiritual path feels like a butterfly. At beginning his/her flaws (and habits) and dark side, do not want us to change and attack us in order to stop. Later, as defects lose their power, one becomes master of his/her soul and wants this journey to be completed as fast as possible in order to be happy and free.

I suggest you to follow this way of praying for at least one month and another very important thing if you are married. You will surely see a change in yourself. Especially at the beginning you should not talk about these things to your family and friends, in order not to lose some of what you have gained by your efforts. You should ask for guidance and protection from God.

Analysis of seven major defects-sins-passions

1. Lust: Tendency towards pleasures of the flesh. synonym: carnality, debauchery, lechery. The root and mother of all defects-passions-egos. It can lead one to the abyss easily. It has caused falling of many celestial entities which came to help this planet. Lust manifests through many ways in order to consume our energies and most of times we dont conceive this. Lust energy is sticky and disgusting. During lovemaking it makes us throw away the miraculous 'Aloe' that all adults carry within us. God does not make anything by chance. This is the reason why this substance smells so bad and is so repulsive, when we let it go out of our body. When lovemaking is done properly, our body remains healthy and strong. Compare this with the average short-lived degenerated human of our times. When lust accumulates in a person can lead him or her to perversions or degenerated habits. Demons are particularly fond of this energy. Misery and diseases on planet Earth are mostly due to punishment by Divine Justice of our Lord Jesus Christ for sins made by lust. During intercourse with opposite sex we should not give lust our energy, because lust is never satisfied. It easily leads to adultery. When lust is dissolved and replaced by love that comes from God, soul fills with happiness. Women especially should be careful !!

2. Pride: Moral attitude that derives from faith and love in ourselves or in something related to us and expressed as dignity and generosity or when it is excessive as a feeling of superiority. synonym: complacency, gloating, self-adoration, pretentious, arrogance. antonym: humility, modesty. Pride has also caused falling of many celestial entities. It is a serious illness that demons are fond of. It moves one away from God and spirituality. When one relies only on his/her powers, he/she is prideful and does not follow what Lord has taught us. That is: without Him we can`t do anything. This energy`s texture is like cement that one should brake and clean from his/her self in order to move on to spiritual path. God`s Hierarchies (Angels, Archangels etc.) dislike pride, nevertheless they are helping us if they are allowed to do so by God`s law and they do not abandon us. Because of our pride we judge everyone and everything as if we were God Himself and we overlook our own spiritual mess. Because of pride there are on this planet so many quarrels, crimes and wars. We must disintegrate pride if we want happiness in our lives. 

3. Anger: mental state of intense irritation. This defect, not only takes away from us too much energy (let us remember this state of emptiness that a quarrel with someone leaves us) but it also leads us to acts we would have never done under normal circumstances. If anger is not treated in time, it will transform into hatred after some years. Soul becomes dark and is eventually lost. Souls need love and nothing else.

4. Envy: bitterness that someone feels for superiority of others in something or one`s happiness. Synonym: jealousy. Very negative kind of energy by which we can harm our fellow man remotely who feels like been shot with negative emotions. Particularly harmful, it is like doing 'black magic' to someone, even if we consider oureselves to be a good person.

5. Greed: state in which someone is not being able to be satisfied with what he or she already has or what it is necessary for him or her. opposite: generosity, selflessness. It is an ego that people who live in Western type societies especially have that cannot be satisfied with what they possess. Greed is not limited to material things only. It will never though force one of course to do more prayer or spiritual work.

6. Gluttony: to eat greedy. antonym: oligophage. Synonymous with greed, not limited to food, but applies to anything we fall upon like a beast to devour, for example a woman when making love.

7. Laziness: avoiding any work we have to do. Although seems not very important ego, it could be very dangerous. If someone wants to do spiritual work or pray, but cannot start and postpones it constantly, he/she has laziness that constraints him/her from inside. It is necessary for these people to start from this ego-defect and work upon it`s destruction for some time. Then they will be able to move on with rest of their egos and spiritual path.

Quotes from Saint Paisios of Mount Athos:

  • When people realized that they have made our planet unbearable, they started looking for another planet in which it could be possible for them to live there. They do not realize that people are the same everywhere, and wherever they go, they will create the same mess if they do not conform.

  • When one decides to make his life spiritual, the first thing he has to do if he wants to go forward, is to get a divorce from logic. Logic and spiritual life are two situations completely opposite, which contradict each other.

  • Elder Porphyrios said: "The grace of elder Paisios is of greater value than my own because he acquired it with ascetic sweats, while God gave it to me completely free of charge when I was too young in order to help my brothers.

A soul cannot realize beauty if it is not beautiful itself - Plotinus

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