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The flagitious Baal came out of the Nephilim army and attempted to proclaim Hameshnahu as ruler of the Earth, since the El warlord Zeus was not present. And then from heavens, above the mountain of Ermon a white horse appeared in front of the Hameshnahu, and its rider was bearing the symbols of the Start of all Causes. He was dressed in black, carrying a sword of steel. He declared that he was the Warlord of the Start of all Causes with the right to fight on behalf of El.

Hameshnahu, the great warlord, laughed about the small size of his opponent. There was great excitement on Mount Ermon, since Zeus had no sanity because of Baal`s good deed on him.

And a battle took place near the mountain of Ermon west of the great city of Arantis. Hameshnahu came on the Warlord carrying the symbols of the Start of all Causes. And all Nephilim were proclaiming for his victory and mother Lilith from Dalai Sagar arrived in a cry in order to stop the battle because of the lawlessness of the Warlord of the start of all Causes, since she was aware of him and was in distress for her dearest son Hameshnahu.

And Nephilim were curious about how the man who wore black could defeat Hameshnahu, whom even Zeus did not come to face and urged Hameshnahu to wipe out the cursed rider. And the man on the horse fell with an incoparable impulse on the Hameshnahu, and by his inclined blade he cut off his head, and all Nephilim were terrified by the speed and precision of the one wearing black. And a voice was heard from Mount Ermon which called all Nephilim to leave, but all warlords and warriors wanted to cut off the head of the one carrying the symbols of the Triadic Edge, and mother Lamasthu vaguely called for her sons to move away from the one wearing black. And many did not hear her, and fell on the horseman, so that by bare hands they could dismember him. And great mourn was among the races of Nephilim, as they were destroyed by the bearer of the symbols and the sword, and their death had no ending.

And then Baal the Wise was convinced by mother Lamasthu to remove their great army, and El wondered about who was the one that wore black, and they were trying to get Zeus to shelter protected behind the shining Aigis.

And Nephilim after have listened to Baal, retreated and at the foot of Ermon mountain only the noble Bahomeh remained, searching for the headless body of  Hameshnahu, and saying that they would meet again seeking for revenge. And the one on the horse answered them in their language of Bachomeh fathers:

Eri ge simi, which means: Time is near.

And all Nephilim withdrew and peace was imposed at Ermon territory for 40 days, and the rider disappeared, just as he had appeared .

Abstract from ancient books (A battle when dark hierarchies and God`s men lived on the face of the Earth)

If someone wants to fight at God`s army according to Revelation 19:14, she or he should be cleansed of egos, psychological defects, passions. Then Holy Spirit will live inside a person permanently and give the abilities that are required in order to fight evil and make one clothes white and pure.

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