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As is well known, the combination of organic matter and metal creates a grid that has the ability to attract and trap orgone energy, as Wilhelm Reich demonstrated in the 30s / 40s and wrote at his book: Cancer Biopathology. A German researcher found out that he could achieve the same result by using polyester resin and aluminum shavings and named this mixture orgonite. Don Croft combined this mixture with quartz crystals. The result of this combination has the ability to transmute deadly orgone energy DOR into POR. An orgonite can neutralize DOR energy which surrounds microwave and cellular antennas, which are also called death antennas. Many people have noticed the positive effects of having an orgonite. People seem to have better mood. Others who have trouble sleeping say it helps them a lot to sleep when they have one at their room as it sends away many negative entities and energies from the place where it is placed.

Orgonites exist at various sizes and shapes, such as pendants, pyramids, cones and TB which is the most used form and effective against electromagnetic radiation emitted by antennas and many electrical devices. At the picture below you can see small heart shaped orgonites, which can be also used to neutralize electromagnetic energy that is emitted from cellphones, if one is attached to it.

Over the last years i offer orgonites for free in order to help you as much as possible, as orgone and love are the same.

If you need orgonites, send an email, write me the problem that you are dealing with and I will post them to you.  

Note: Orgonites are just devices that amplify and clean energy. You can`t save your soul by having them nor can they get to the Kingdom of Heaven. This can only happen by living as our Lord describes at four Gospels and by destroying your passions.





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