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Orgonites are positive energy amplifiers with the capability to transform negative energies around them into positive ones. In order to make one you will need:

1. Mold. Depending on which shape your orgonites want to be you can use a muffin mold, pyramid, cone etc. You should use silicone molds in order so you won`t have any problem detaching orgonite from it.

2. Polyester or epoxy resin mixed mixed with catalyst at ratio 1-2%. Available at stores and on the internet. You don`t have to buy expensive transparent or epoxy resin as orgonite will work the same even if you use simple polyester resin.

3. Quartz crystals and add other crystals as well such as amethyst, rose quartz, tourmaline. It helps if they are cleansed before put in the mixture but it is not necessary. In TB a small quartz crystal is enough. In larger orgonites, you can use more. For example one can put four quartz crystals forming a cross at the base of a pyramid. 

4. Metal shavings. Usually orgonites contain aluminum shavings that you can find free of charge at shops that cut aluminum. You can add other metal shavings such as copper, silver, even gold. Orgonites work better, but it is not necessary. They work fine with simple aluminum. 

5. Optionally, one can wrap crystals with copper wire at a clockwise direction or add the so-called SBB coil to the structure, to make it more powerful. In my opinion the best thing one can do is to be less selfish because orgone energy is been receded by ego energy.

6. Optionally, one can add color or decorative material to the mixture. You can use colors that are made for polyester . 

Begin by mixing polyester resin with its catalyst. Pour a small layer of it at bottom of the mold. Then a layer of metal. Afterwards put a quartz crystal or other crystals. Fill mold with metal and then with polyester resin. You should make them outside because resin fumes are harmful when inhaled. In a few minutes or hours depending on the weather they will be ready and nice.


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