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Chembusters are devices that dissolve chemicals that are sprayed by airplanes at the atmosphere.

(12-06-24) In order to understand what the substance they are spraying is, you need to know a little about the production process of aluminum from bauxite, which is the main method of its production. In a few words we can say that something like hydrogenation of bauxite (Al2O3) is happening in order aluminum to be released. For every ton of aluminum produced, a ton or more of a by-product is also produced. A red mud containing, among other things, titanium, iron and aluminum. Yes, don't throw away aluminum foil as if nothing is wrong, but reuse it. So far, contrary to what one would expect, only 5% of this sludge is recycled which is about 150,000,000 produced tons per year.

Yes, you got it right, the other 95% of this toxic sludge is put into nice containers and sprayed over our heads to form clouds as the environment equilibrity has been destroyed and there are no more natural rainfalls. In some countries a small amount is disposed into rivers and lakes. n this page you can see how chemtrails came up as an idea.

By the way, Sahara dust is not red, something anyone who has visited her can observe. Which became dust from Africa and is transported most of the times without any winds at all to Greece.

As you can understand this is quite harmful for everyone`s health. Because human minds of Earth are pretty much evil, it is likely to include into this substance other experimental substances or viruses. Because of some Chembuster that are working for the past years that have cleansed skies, most of people don`t remember this bad situation chemtrails created for all of us (dizziness, headaches). Let's see now that we ended up at the antidote called Chembuster. Initially, Wilhelm Reich had devised a construction with iron tubes ending in iron wires grounded in water. With this device he managed to bring rains in America's deserts. It was possible to be done with this device, because it could change the flow of etheric energy that moves normally from west to east and because it was pulling and braking down the harmful DOR -deadly orgone energy- which is the cause up to an extend of ecological imbalancies that has reduced or stopped natural rainfalls. DOR was transformed into POR - positive orgone which had as a result deserts start turning green. He had noticed that one reason that caused DOR was UFO burning residues. Unfortunately for us technology that black magicians possess is much more sophisticated than most people think. When he aimed with his cloudbuster at some 'stars' up in the sky, their light was extinguishing after a while. Cloudbuster is a powerful construction that can also cause physical damage to it`s operator if he doesn`t know how to handle it and even hazardous atmospheric changes and extreme weather conditions, something that HAARP can do nowadays up to an extend.

A German researcher replaced the materials proposed by Reich that are required for the manufacture of orgone-accumulator with polyester resin and aluminum fillings and named this mixture orgonite. Don Croft then invented a device that is a combination of cloudbuster, orgonite with the addition of crystals to the mixture and named it Chembuster. A small mistake that he did was that he named this orgonite mixture with crystals orgone generator, something that does not apply, as all energies come from God and these devices just clean and amplify orgone. Chembuster now was able to dissolve chemtrails and  their 'clouds' within a radius of several kilometers. As an energy device it does more of course. It dissolves black energies as well as many low-level dark entities. This makes black magicians job difficult, as they rely on negative energies and emotions to make their rituals. Chembuster can not cause any damage to its operator, except perhaps headache or nausea if he/she touches the tubes, especially at first days of its operation. At Africa Chembusters brought rains due to restoration of orgone balance because orgone is responsible for atmospheric phenomena. At these photos you can see an abnormal formation of clouds and their dissolution by a Chembuster at the area of ​​Attica in 2009. Materials that are needed to construct one cost about 200 euros, an amount that is not so big compared to the good that it does to environment and people. One can even use iron tubes to reduce costs.

To build a chembuster you will need the following materials:

6 quartz crystals about 10 cm long. It is better to use double terminated crystals, with point at both ends. If you can`t find those, use single pointed quartz crystals. You can add more than one crystal to each tube to amplify chembuster`s power.

Copper pipes: 28mm pipes are wide enough to contain most crystals that are 8-12 cm long. Usually you can buy copper piper that are 3 meters long. To save some money and in order to be able to move it easily you can use four pipes. Cut the three of them in half so that you`ll have six 1.5 meter long pieces, and cut the fourth into six pieces of 50 centimeters. You will also need six end cap stops and six end feed straight couplings. Alternatively you can use 6 pipes that are 3 meters long.

Enough polyester resin with catalyst in order to fill the bucket you are going to use. You should buy resin in 6 kg containers or bigger to save some money. Resin has 1,1kgr / m3 density so 6 kg equivalent to 5.45 liters.

Aluminum fillings or/and other metals. For example you can cut steel wool with a scissor into little pieces.

A mold. You can use a small bucket of 10lt capacity.

A piece of wood that must be drilled in order pipes to pass through it`s holes. This piece of wood will hold copper pipes in place until resin has hardened. It should be thick/heavy enough so it will not move because of the load, especially if you will place it on the bucket`s rim and use 6 pipes that are 3 meters long.


Glue crystals to end cups with a good epoxy glue and insert them into 50 centimeters pipes. Cover their union with tape or solder it. If crystals that we use are double-terminated you need to glue them on a piece f hose or something like that in order to be up straight.

Plan six holes to a piece of wood. Holes diameter and tubes should be the same. If you can not do this on your own, ask a carpenter to do it for you. This sketch will help you.

Make six holes in wood with a wing drill. Check if pipes pass through the holes.

Smear the bucket with some oil so that chembuster`s body comes off easily after polyester hardens.

Stir polyester and catalyst and place a layer of it with metal shavings at the bottom of the bucket, up to a few centimeters height.

Arrange the pipes in the bucket, i.e., fifty centimeters long pieces with caps and crystals or the 3 meters long pipes if you haven`t cut them.

Place the piece of wood onto the rim of the bucket or inside if it fits and pass the copper pipes through the holes so to be aligned up straight.

When resin has hardened remove the piece of wood, fill the bucket with metal shavings and polyester resin up to its rim. You can add other crystals or coils e.g. SBB if you like.

There is little time to work with the mixture before polyester hardens. At high temperatures it is advisable to use catalyst at a ratio of slightly less than 1% of polyester.

After a few hours (that depends on the ambient temperature) when the polyester resin has hardened, place the couplings and the 1,5 meter long pipes. Chembuster is ready!!

Like all orgonites chembuster works better if buried underground up to where pipes appear out of mixture or placed in water. If you cannot bury, it can be grounded with a cable that passes through all six pipes. However, it still works if it is not grounded at all. Good luck!!



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