Nowadays about 60-65% of people are using smartphones to browse internet. This is extremely bad for those who care about their privacy and personal data, since Google's standard Android and Apple's iOS are full of 'leaking' applications designed to collect and send personal information and data to NWO secret services in case they need them at the future and to commercial companies as well. Smartphones with Android version 6.0 and later versions, are offering option to disable microphone, camera, permissions etc. for each application. Unfortunately, this doesn`t work for real and applications have access to everything they mention in their permissions list. So it is possible for malicious NWO people to gain access to camera, microphone and what one types through Gboard keyboard application. Furthermore, if one refuses to allow these permissions to an application, application closes!

All of these do not apply to e.g. Lineage operating system!! which has an application called Privacy Guard and a user can grant or not permissions to applications for real.

Fortunately it is possible to change standard Google Android, with another Android that comes from companies that respect privacy. Process is safe and it is not possible to ruin a smartphone (brick) in contrary to what is written by some people on the internet. In case something goes wrong, one can restore it to its original os.

In order to change os you should follow these steps:

1. make a complete backup of your data (contacts, photos, videos, etc.) on an SD card.

2. save existing ROM to an SD card by using TWRP application and selecting 'Backup' or download it from manufacturer's website in case something goes wrong, so you can restore it.

3. download the ROM that corresponds to your smartphone model in zip format from the website e.g. of Lineage or other organization that provides free Android OS. Lineage provides complete installation instructions for each smartphone model.

4. enter recovery mode of your smartphone. To do this usually one has to press power and volume down at the same time. On the internet you will find which key combination works for your smartphone model.

5. select 'install zip from sdcard', go to SD card folder where you have downloaded ROM at step 3 and select it. That's it!!

This method works for most older smartphones. In case your mobile is 'difficult' like mine you will need to take some extra steps.

  • install TWRP application for your smartphone, following steps 4 & 5. Alternatively you can use ClockworkMod application.

  • follow step 4 again, enter TWRP program environment, select 'Install', select ROM you have downloaded and 'Swipe to confirm flash'. You should erase the ROM that is installed before doing this by selecting 'Wipe' from application home screen.

  • then select 'Wipe Cache / Dalvik' and then 'Reboot System'. Congratulations, you have just installed a ROM without Google. Smartphone run faster this way with lower battery consumption.

Newest versions of Android such as 9&10 don`t have recovery mode, but you can use Android debug bridge (ADB) in order to install SuperSU. Instructions are slightly different for each smartphone, so you have to do a small research to find instructions for your model.

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