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What does a human being needs in order to maintain excellent physical and mental health? Some claim that one needs money in order to have the best possible medical care. Others say that it is matter of genes, good fortune etc. These perceptions are very limited and do not give answers to questions like: "Why do I suffer from this disease?" One should know that causes of all things in our world come from much higher dimensions which most people don`t realize that they even exist. Everything manifests from higher to lower dimensions. The same holds for a disease. Diseases begin from a higher dimension then come to third dimension and then one feels that there is something wrong with him/her. Unfortunately in this planet modern medical science and other sciences except physics focuses only at third dimension, thus medical science is focused at physical body and treating symptoms of diseases in most cases and because of this it`s healing potential is very limited. Personally I've lost four close relatives of mine from cancer.

Most chronic diseases such as autoimmune diseases can be cured if one detoxifies his/her body. Human body is a wonderful living organism with the ability to heal itself if one gives it some rest from bad habits and detoxifies it.. Fasting helps. You should try to detoxify colon and kidneys-liver-gallbladder following instructions you will find in this book and you will see big improvements to your health. This will happen if you do not feed your body with harmful substances, inappropriate food and especially if you do not break Divine Law.

According to our Lord diseases come not from outer sources such as viruses but from one`s inner world, from passions that origin from a person`s heart. That`s because every passion that one has, at 5th dimension can be seen as a entity attached to us and is been nourished by a person`s energies. These black entities create injuries to upper dimensions bodies that eventually appear in physical body and one feels ill or worse. Mental or psychological diseases on the other hand as well as some physical (like cancer or degenerative diseases) are the result of debts that one has to Divine Justice, mostly because of lustful actions. Every time one violates a Divine Law, is punished accordingly. 

So, if one wants to be constantly at excellent mental and physical health, he/she should not ever break Divine Law. Also, one should not feed body with poisons like cigarettes, dead foods and drinks, keep his/her body detoxified, and do some exercise (preferably chi gong or tai chi). Living this way is very likely that one will never need any drugs, doctors or will get diseases in his/her life.

Every case of a person that is held at mental institutions can be cured if Divine Law permits by finding which defect or passion has taken over him or her and dissolve it by praying, with God`s help. It is the only way for someone to be really cured without needing any medicines or other treatment, as he or she will have destroyed the root of problem.

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