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Angel: A being filled with light of God, a servant of God - our Lord Jesus Christ - with an extremely high energy potential, inconceivable by us. They are not genies to call them whenever we want in order to satisfy our will as many deceived people think since are calling  or talking to demons, but if is allowed by Divine Law they can help us with whatever problem we may have. They are extremely discreet, if they need to appear to a person for guidance, they can do it either at 5th dimension (where we live during sleep without perceiving it, the world of dreams) or in the third where we normally move. They will take a form that does not provoke and tell or show us what is necessary for us. Since they have no defects unlike us, they are plain in expression, they do not say much. Many of them are trapped at 3rd dimension, living like ordinary people, without remembering who or what they are. Only their earthly part is trapped and filled with passions, until they dissolve them by doing what is described here and reunite with their upper part.

Divine Courts: In our own world there are courts of justice that manage affairs of people which break the law. The same situation exists at higher dimensions where they are dealing with violations of Divine Law. At Divine Courts, justice really works and one cannot get away with lawyer tricks. They even know one thoughts about something he/she has done. When one is called to these courts, they show him/her everything that have said, thought, or done about what he/she is accused for. One cannot avoid punishment unless he/she does benevolent acts in life which reduces the severity of sentence. However, acts related to lust (such as adultery, violence during sex, sexual perversions, emptying with pleasure aloe from body) cannot be forgiven and one must pay for them with much pain and sorrows. This is mostly the reason why there is so much pain and diseases in our time. Dark hierarchies have set a way of life through TV and advertising which we all more or less follow with our own free will and we have forgotten what is it that we should not do. As a result of this, we are being punished, and afterwards we complain because we do not understand that we are responsible. Of course this information is deliberately hidden by dark side so that one will never be able to settle his/her debt with Divine Law and eventually many souls are going or will go to abyss. f you want to see all these for yourselves, follow this simple exercise.

Passions - Defects: These unfortunately form the biggest part of a body. One can realize them in our world as lust, anger, pride etc. At fourth dimension one can feel them as unpleasant energy that most of us are constantly emitting. At fifth dimension they take the form of animals or other repugnant creatures. With spiritual work they diminish in volume and before they die, they take a form like one of a child or of a small animal. As we dissolve a piece of them every time by doing this method, our Higher self turns it into a piece of light. This is how a body of light is created, with great effort from us and with the help of God. We cant do this by reading, going to seminars etc.

God`s Law or Divine Law: Is consisted by many Hierarchies of God (Archangels, Seraphim, Cherubim etc.) who judge all humans according to their acts in their life. This is done at Divine courts.

Hierarchies of God: They are the 9 orders of heaven. Each order has a specific task. There are Angelic orders that their task is to cut the silver string that unites physical and soul`s body and lead soul wherever is decided to go by God`s Law. There are other orders that unite an embryo a soul, in order for a new man to be born after a few months. These orders are called Angels of Death and Angels of Light.

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