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Two words whose meaning is misunderstood in our times. People usually often take one for another, which is wrong since love comes from God and self-love from pride. Some of love manifestations are: a sense of heat at the area of heart or chest, a feeling of joy that is permanent, observe a small child. Self-love, on the other hand, comes from pride and by having it one is in love with him/herself. Unfortunately, despite that we think that we love our self and others, it is not love but the passion of self-love which is pride. If one has love in him/her loves other people and really helps them. A person with love wants to constantly give to others, while someone with self-love the opposite. I had seen a wonderful example of love between a man and a woman in a Greek video. There was a monk who was talking about a couple who called one another saint until old age and finally died together at the same time. This is real love, to serve one another as our Lord suggested. This is what really matters before Him, acts, not words.

Self-love can be disguised as love in the following way. I love: my children, my girlfriend, my car, my home etc. but I can`t realize that i see them as extensions of myself that I am in love with. There is only a small portion of love within me and rest of this behavior comes from pride. Love that comes from God is eternal and cannot be changed by external events, while self-love can emotionally and psychologically cripple one easily. Self-love is one cause of depression at our times. One is so in love with him/herself that if something goes bad, he/she is easily "hurt", go to a psychiatrist etc. The complete cure of depression comes when the passion of self-love is destroyed. When this defect is destroyed permanently, its symptoms die with it, if we don`t have any debts to the Divine Law. A self-loved man`s state is like when one is drunk. When someone is drunk might not understand it. The effort to dissolve self-love is difficult and painful, but is worthwhile. The way how to do this can be found here. It is just a flaw within us, nothing more.

Alternatively, to relieve depression symptoms, one can do daily qigong or tai chi exercises to clean energy channels and unblock meridians. On physical level one could eat daily a yoghurt and a tablespoon of brewer yeast.

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