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There are many people, who have been fooled by reading books, in which the author claims that communicates with ETs, Greek gods, El and other so called light entities. In the past years many websites emerged which contain these communications. These 'messages' in Greece started to appear in encoded form at a computer that existed at a military campus. A Greek researcher told that they were coming from a NATO project. Since then a number of people tried to communicate and achieved getting these messages into their heads, without performing any investigation about their origin.

These messages are likely to come: from egos that live inside a person, from demons that live inside a person as well, from dark entities which wish to initiate naive people into their rituals, or even people from masonry or other dark organizations which can project their thoughts into another in order to manipulate them..

Let's see what these 'gods' of Greece and Egypt really are. In St. George life one can read: Then Christ's Martyr George lifted his right hand to Apollo`s statue and said, "Do you want to, soulless idol, as a god, me to sacrifice to you?"
Then he made the sign of the cross. And the demon, which lived inside the idol, said by great voice, "I am not God, nor is anyone else of us. Only the one you preach is the true God. We were angels and because of our pride we have fallen and are devils now, since then we have been fooling people because of our envy and they are worshiping us as gods.

A very familiar internet ET called ashtar sheran had appeared to me once and introduced himself. When i rejected him, he transformed himself into an ugly demon and left..

It is very easy for someone to understand that these messages come from the dark side. They never talk about dissolution of ego, which is the only way for the light of God to enter a human being. This is what ancient Greek philosophers have taught us. They never present a practical way so that we can be cleansed from egos or passions, which is the only way for a person to raise his/her vibrations, something that they say pretty often at these messages.

If you are channeling such beings and want to check them out, tell them:

1. Give me an exercise which i can use in order to be cleansed from my passions.

2. Ask their opinion about transmuting sexual energies by using this method.

That was the big secret of ancient mysteries, which was never revealed.

Rest assured that dark entities will carry you away from your question and answer you by using an intellectual and extensive way of speaking, or they won`t answer at all. If you want so much to meet with ETs, clean yourselves from passions, ask them and they will come and meet you in the physical world.


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