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Divine justice as everything else in Creation emerges from our Lord and descends to galaxies, suns and planets as Earth. When a person is cleansed up to an extend from his/her passions and if God allows can get to know all of these and Divine courts as well. In there Hierarchies (Angels, Thrones, Archangels etc.) judge every one of us for what we have done in our lives. In there when one is presented into a trial they examine his/her personal book which contains every deed or thought that been made. Depending on what one has done, he/she is punished or everything goes well in life. One gets punished in order to realize that he/she is going bad and so to return to rightness and not lose his/her soul. The latter happens when a soul is blackened from passions and doesn`t emit any light at all. In most cases God`s Hierarchies doesn`t intervene at all, except for removing their protection from a person, in order for evil which always waits to be able to harm one up to an extend that is permitted by God`s Law. Punishment happens by these ways:

One is punished for things that he/she does here on Earth such as theft, murder, doing damage to other people even if human justice fails to convict him/her. There is a chance to be pardoned by Divine Justice, if one has made good deeds in his/her life. What most people do not know is that Divine Justice punishes for acts that Earth laws don`t such as witchcraft and divination which are used very frequently in our times, even if people don`t realize that it is wrong. Whoever does these things serves dark side consciously or unconsciously. Some witchcraft and divination forms are: 

However, one is punished more seriously for actions made because of his/her lust. Sins made because of lust can kill a soul and lead one to the abyss. According to our Lord: If your right eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. Although in this planet adultery, prostitution, forcing or violating someone`s soul or body, many kinds of perversions, acting violently during sexual intercourse (mostly on women) is considered as something normal, it is not and is punished very seriously by Divine Law. THESE ACTS ARE THE EASIEST WAY FOR A DEMON TO ATTACH TO A PERSON.

On Earth for someone to throw away his/her miraculous 'aloe' during sexual intercourse or by masturbating is considered normal. For God`s Hierarchies this is considered as a black magic contract, especially when it made consciously and with pleasure. For most people this is punished by premature degeneration and wearing of physical body. At 5th dimension one can see many humans and demons waiting the verdict by Divine Justice for these acts.

Most of these sins that are made because of lust, bring serious diseases and psychological problems to a person. This is permitted to happen by God`s Law in order for one to pay for his/her sins by this way in order his/her soul won`t go to hell where is the weeping and gnashing of teeth. If you don`t see this happening for certain sinful people who have everything in their lives, is because their souls have already been judged to go to the abyss. So in order for someone not to lose his/her soul, should stop doing these acts, confess and do God`s will.

Besides a person`s  book, there is a book for each country of this planet. If a country laws comply to Divine Law ones, it`s inhabitants live in happiness and prosperity. In Greece people could live happily, but because governments cancel laws that were in compliance with God`s law instead voting for more, unhappiness and misery will be increasing. For example: Greek law permits 300.000 unborn children to be killed every year. These murders are been justified by justice on Earth as a right for women to do whatever they want with their body. This is insane because besides murder is happening to another person that lives temporary in another person, there is intervention to God`s works as there are Angels of Life that join a soul to a body that is just conceived. Saddest thing is that this is happening by 'children' that go to school, even though human laws don`t permit to have sexual relationships until adulthood. Lust is left to spread out of control, even perversions are considered natural by most countries laws.

Let`s see what is God`s Law, God`s Hierarchies that work for it and punishment from Old Testament. First of all Lord is mentioned very often in Old Testament to speak with certain people and prophets. Most of the times, it is not our Lord Jesus Christ, but Angels or Archangels etc. Our Lord intervenes at only a few cases, which is pretty logical.

At Genesis book (18,16-19,29) Abraham is talking to Lord. From this conversation comes that:

Rest assured that stability and protection from evil at a country comes from God`s leniency, who despite people degeneration protects them. This happens because a few people are really devoted to Him and truly love Him. There are limits though, and beyond those comes punishment.

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