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According to a vision that monk Gregory who lived on 9th century had, a human soul must pass successfully 23 demons when it is departing from body. If a soul passes, it goes to heaven. At these moments every demon will accuse us for the actions that we have done in its name. Since our soul is our most important possession (not our health!!), we should have dissolved these defects to an extend so our soul will surely go to heaven.

1. defect of slander, aspersion (to talk bad about another person) - To judge another about his or hers passions, defects - The judgment of a person who is not present at the time or when we agree with one who blames a person

2. defect of hubris (overestimation of a person's abilities and power and behavior in a violent, arrogant, offensive way towards others)

3. defect of envy (dissatisfaction or regret for the goods or happiness of others)

4. defect of lying

5. defect of anger, rage, hate

6. defect of pride

7. defect of blasphemy (reference with disrespect and absurdity, especially to God)

8. defect of babbling, nonsense (lack of correct thinking before the action), obscene language, obscene songs, making fun of another

9. defect of deceit (to do damage to a fellow man in a sneaky way)

10. defect of laziness and too much sleep

11. defect of avarice

12. defect of drunkenness

13. defect of resentment (when someone does not forget the damage caused to him and fed by his hatred is looking for revenge)

14. defect of evil sorcery

15. defect of gluttony

16. defect of idolatry

17. defect of homosexuality

18. defect of coquettery (the desire of someone to be liked, when one consumes too much time about his or hers external appearance), self love, vanity

19. defect of adultery (having sex with every person that we see or meet, even if this is done in the mind)

20. defect of murder

21. defect of thievery

22. defect of prostitution

23. defect of ruthlessness 

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