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Through these lines I will try to explain to you what scientists believe in conjunction with my observations regarding rainfalls. What is rain? In which cases do we have rains? According to scientists on Earth rain is a wet precipitation. In order for this to happen, the concentration of atmospheric water vaporization must be high enough to liquefy and form drops of water that are heavy enough to fall and reach the surface. Is that enough? According to NASA's climatologist Tom Bell, atmospheric water vapor does not automatically condense to create clouds. It also needs matter between them, which is in the air, and will act as a link. Under normal conditions this could be soil, pollen, sea salt. All these are large molecules which give the possibility of creating large raindrops.

So far, so good. This happened at the past where natural rainfalls existed. Nowadays, however this is unfortunately not the case. Scientists over the past decade believed that combustion of fossil fuels, despite being harmful for the environment, could produce particles that would help to produce clouds, that is replacing natural molecules mentioned above. They also believed that cooling caused by these polluted clouds due to the repulsion of solar radiation at an extend, would compensate for warming caused by increased carbon dioxide emissions. As years have gone by, natural rainfalls were reduced due to pollution of the atmosphere which killed molecules mentioned above so they had to think of something else. For them artificial clouds, the so called chemtrails was the answer to the problem, despite they are more harmful for our health than polluted clouds. Without artificial clouds, rains would almost have disappeared and temperatures would increase steadily. We had experienced this the present year (2010) where world's largest recording temperatures were recorded. As you can understand there is no room for a more reasonable approach. Earth inhabitants continue to poison the planet by acting like it belongs to them and they have the right to treat Earth as they please. This is totally ego behaviour, which dominates Earth and is opposite to love. This behavior is punished by Divine Law. Because of this, gradually, all this technological science that was given to Earth will be taken from them and they will return to a much simpler way of life, unless they conform with the law of God. First, they will have to change their inner world and then they will be given again technology and sciences far more advanced than those of our times.  

Project HAARP is capable of sending huge amounts of electromagnetic energy to the ionosphere hrough chemtrails that are consisted mostly of metal particles and cellphone antennas that are installed almost everywhere and other antennas as well they are able globally to create high or low dynamics and change the weather. They also have the ability to cause earthquakes or volcano eruption with the same weapon if Divine Law permits them. This of course is not good for people and Earth. Orgone energy becomes unstable when disrupted by electromagnetic energy and creates violent weather conditions such as hurricanes and tornados in order to rebalance herself. These happened at USA very frequently and nowadays (2021) happen everywhere due to Earth punishment by Divine Law. Some of us who cared made orgonites, chembusters in order to clean environment and restore balance. At great personal cost and in some cases like Africa`s people died because they made these things. The result; Although it is early for conclusions, observations have shown improvement in many contaminated areas near factories, lakes etc. Even rains at most dry places of the planet. It is advisable to have several chembusters placed in every country. Planet Earth will certainly survive. If people lose even this little love that they have, they will be destroyed once more, and only few will survive in order to start over.

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