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In order to understand what new world order (NWO) is one needs to understand of which persons is consisted and what their goals are. NWO is consisted of :

Individuals of second and some of third third category described above, have consciously or subconsciously made a contract with dark hierarchies and because of that their body is occupied by them in exchange for fame, wealth, etc. Thus they are gradually transformed into dark hierarchies. One of their kinds is the so-called reptilians, a term created I think by researcher David Icke after a vision he had when he used a hallucinating plant. They are not a race as God does not creates monsters and they are very dangerous if provoked by someone who is not by God`s side with abilities given by Him. 'Reptilians' have laboratories with special tanks filled with 'water' where they are trying to copy DNA of people they have kidnapped. Black hierarchies technology is far more advanced than most people think.

Bear in mind that forgiveness is possible for everyone that will ask even at his/her very last moment as our Lord demonstrated while at cross and forgave one of two criminals that asked Him to do so. This will happen if a soul isn`t full of pride.

 Note: This information can not be perceived at third dimension by using five senses.

Unfortunately for us until they are fully dissoluted in Abyss, black hierarchies have dark powers and can connect with a person through his/her energy centers and if Divine Law permits to direct one as they wish. This is happening mostly for people who have given in to passions. Some of them may also have big debts to Divine justice, which has no longer the right to protect them, due to law of free will.

Some of these NWO people use a specific drug for which there is some information from USA, from people who participated at black rituals or other people who offered their children for this purpose. In Greece this substance is considered as something unreal and any information about it is censored. This drug is called adrenochrome, has molecular type C9H9NO3 and results from oxidation of adrenaline while in human glands. In order adrenochrome to have necessary qualities needed by perverted Satanists and other pawns of NWO, it must be extracted from children up to 9 years of age who have been tortured and participated by force in black and sexual rituals. At the end, they extract it with a needle from glands. This is mostly why so many children are being missing in America. In Greece, missing children come mainly from families of immigrants who even sell them for this purpose and to be honest, none of us will ever care about them. In America a survey that took place in 2018 revealed 424,000 missing children. Pigs are sometimes used for the same purpose. This drug is considered as a 'fountain of youth', which is the reason why many of these NWO 'people' and other famous or wealthy people use it to keep themselves young. This of course happens for a short period of time as only Holy Spirit can permanently give this ability to someone. It`s use brings euphoria and loss of sense of reality. Its constant use causes severe mental disorders and even schizophrenia, which partly explains decisions made by many of these world leaders. These Satanists also collect children`s and others blood while torturing them so that they can use it later together with adrenochrome at their rituals, because it has more powerful effects. There have been reported cases in which these monsters drink children`s blood in order to keep young and strong. In Greece, blood used for these black rituals is mainly 'borrowed' from hospitals blood banks and from immigrants.

Now that you have understood NWO's consistency, it is easy to see why 'powerful' people of most countries make these decisions for us. Their main goal is to prevail on this planet and send to the abyss as many souls as possible, something that is happening for people that follow their way of life.

Nevertheless evil that has taken over Earth will not be allowed by God`s Hierarchies to escape to other planets and will be completely destroyed even if humanity has to be destroyed once again.

Let`s take a look at theirs goals as Divine Law has let many information about them to be publicly known. Unfortunately, most people because of their pride do not take these information seriously. An example of these information is an once well-known statement of H. Kissinger: Greek people are anarchic and difficult to tame. For this reason we must strike deep into their cultural roots: Perhaps then we can force them to conform. I mean, of course, to strike them at their language, their religion, their cultural and historical reserves, so that we can neutralize their ability to develop, to distinguish themselves, or to prevail; thereby removing them as an obstacle to our strategically vital plans in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.

This statement seems to have been fully fulfilled today. In Greece, when Athens was occupied by Germans at WWII, there was a center that did scientific studies at psychic phenomena such as teleboly. In today's Greece, most people do not even really know what this is. This indicate Greece`s spiritual decline. So because God permits, we have reached at point of no return and their plants are coming to completion. Their final aim is the so-called mark of Antichrist, which is equivalent to denying God and accepting the Beast.

During implementation of their plans most people do not react and surrender their freedoms. Today more than ever our personal data is being collected and processed by organizations working for NWO in order to be able to predict which one of us are likely to create problems at their plans.

Most personal data surveillance systems came into our lives under the pretext of terrorism, especially after 'Jihad' attack at twin towers, something for which there is evidence that was fabricated by NWO in order to give in our freedoms without reacting. At this page you will find instructions about how to protect your personal data and anonymity on the internet.

By the way, modern Russia`s government does not belongs to NWO and is much more advanced than United States at electronic surveillance and other things, but they do not use this technology to serve Antichrist. On the contrary, during Putin leadership, they fight evil in various forms and have God`s help as Greeks did until '40s and '50s, after which degeneration and decline began.

Think of this to realize what freedom really is: At present time (2020) NWO by using this 'pandemic' situation made some of us to send sms in order to get out of our house, while at '70s young people of that time could spend a night at archeological site of Delphi playing guitars. At this video you can see life inside China`s total surveillance state, which has imposed an electronic dictatorship using points that evaluate each number (human). Those people who do not collect enough points, among other things, can not get a ticket to travel.

What can I do if I do not want this situation?

Revelation does not change and God`s Law will bring what is written in completion. This does not mean that one should be with those who will lose their souls, by accepting everything that dark hierarchies suggest.

It is obvious or it should be that NWO does not have power over us, except the one that we give them by obeying everything that they are telling us to do. Dark ones take advantage that Earth`s population is at a very low spiritual state, which they try to maintain and lower it even more, since they are gaining strength from passions and black rituals. We help them every day when we follow their way of life. Their ultimate goal is darkness to take over societies and make people demons or 'zombies'. God's Word according to Revelation however, tells us that the biggest part of earth`s population will be lost and many destructions will take place. Later Divine Law will allow abyss`s gates to be opened once again on Earth and these persons that you read in this page to come out and destroy what has left. This will only happen when humanity`s frequency is low enough and matches this of persons that live in abyss.

It goes without saying that in order to fight them, one must live by Lord`s words found at the Gospels. That is, to stay as far as possible from passions, especially from lust, to pray at least for a few minutes every day, to help other humans. If one does not do even these small things he/she will be fighting evil only in his/her mind, and for that will not have the slightest problem from dark hierarchies, unless of course he or she has debt to Divine Justice. How can we say that we are Christians or good people when we do not do even the least of what we were supposed to? Why can`t we buy a package e.g. of pasta that costs half a euro and put it in the basket for the poor every time we go to the supermarket? Why can't we pray at least 5 minutes every day? Why can't we take the devil's horns (TV antenna) out of our house, as Saint Cosmas of Aetolia used to say?

A prayer that is within capabilities of all people and can be read daily is this. Every time we read, a small piece of evil is dissolved.

Every human being constantly emits through thoughts or electromagnetic energy what is inside him. Think about how many good ethical values of the past, ​​people have today. What do most of us emit other than passions, fears, and insecurities? This electromagnetic energy that citizens of a country constantly emit consist it`s spiritual state and electromagnetic energy of all countries consist the spiritual level of this planet. 

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