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Operating System: Most people use windows on their computer. Windows 10 is the worst ever made regarding privacy and personal data. This is the main reason why Windows 10 are available on the internet from Microsoft. On a computer that is just turned on, within a few hours Windows makes hundreds of connections to Microsoft, ad servers, Amazon, Google and elsewhere. By using w10 Privacy software which is made to reduce these connections, they increase to over one thousand!!

It is better to use Linux operating system instead. For maximum anonymity use Tails, which is installed and runs on USB stick. It doesn`t keep history of any kind. If one wants to have Linux permanently installed on hard disk, he/she could use one of these two distributions that are made for the average user, Debian or Ubuntu.

Internet browser: One should avoid Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome because they are collecting and sending personal data and Opera as well. Waterfox browser which is Firefox-based does not protect our anonymity and sends data contrary to what its developers claim. It is possible to have emerged from British secret services. Sphere browser that uses Tor network makes connections to Google, Cloudflare, and elsewhere.

Mozilla Firefox (as well as SeaMonkey that is based on Firefox as well) is pretty reliable, although it is too collecting and processing personal data but not for NWO services. In order to have some anonymity install User Agent switcher and manager add-on, that can change OS and browser identity.

The only browser that does not create connections to any server and protects ones anonymity is Tor browser, which was created for that reason. In order to accomplish that before data are send from a computer they are encrypted within 3 layers and pass through 3 different computers that are picked up randomly and exist in different countries before reaching their destination unencrypted, thus real IP address is never revealed. Unfortunately, it is used by many perverted people who visit websites with ugly and obscene content and criminals. It was originally created by US Navy and MIT. Some of the computers that are used by Tor network belong to companies or secret services or can be hacked, but this does not create a real problem in maintaining anonymity. It is also based on Mozilla Firefox. For maximum anonymity one should not install any add-ons but uninstall and disable those that come preinstalled with Tor browser.

It is very important to set browser to clear personal data upon exiting, or not keep them at all. By reading 'cookies' for example one could find out a computer`s location. In Firefox settings disable fields under 'Firefox data collection and use' as well.


VPN service: Paid services (there are some free) which allow users to 'hide' real ip address, by changing them with one of those that VPN service offers. Many of these services unfortunately like Ipvanish, BrowsecVP and Hidemyip do not do what users pay them for, keep logs and give access to them to third parties!!!

The only reliable VPN service from all those i`ve used so far is AirVPN.

Companies offering VPN services use dedicated servers that they rent in various countries in order to transfer ones data through IPs of those countries. This does not mean that they are completely safe for users, as ISPs of these countries have access to data history of IP`s that they rent, even if the company that offers VPN services does not keep history. Of course they will see a large volume of connections data from various users who are connected at the moment at the specific IP of the company that offers VPN services and users from other companies as well. It is not very difficult to identify a user through these data, though only by serious services.

Email service: One should avoid well known mail providers and prefer a relatively unknown such as Proton Mail which protect users privacy and Hushmail. However it is best for one to have its own mail server to be sure that no one will have access to his/her email.

Search engine: One should use StartPage or Metager or DuckDuckGo that do not store or process personal information, but respect privacy.

There is huge list for everyone that is interested to get Google out of his/her life.


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