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Android is an operating system for smartphones. It is based on Linux, which is open source software, which means that anyone can get it`s code, modify it and create a variation of original OS. This is what Google did, and nearly all smartphones today have a Google based Android operating system.

This is pretty bad for those of us who care about privacy and personal data. Google is an organization to which secret services of NWO have full access. Personal data is collected and sent by Google to third parties. Applications that have full access to personal data are Google Play services and Google Contacts Sync as you can see at images below, although they don`t need these data to operate. Nearly all applications don`t require any permissions at all when installed on another os like LineageOS. Good thing is that these applications can be turned off and one can use applications not made by Google. This guide is written for Android 5.1, but it can be used for later versions as well. Since version 6.0 and later versions GooglePlay cannot be disabled, so if one really cares about  his/her privacy and personal data should uninstall Google apps or even better install an Android not based on Google.

Make sure that you have a complete backup of your data (contacts, photos, viedos etc) to SD card or another external memory stick, before you begin this proccess.


1. Go to 'Settings' menu, select 'Backup & reset in order to make a factory data reset. This is usefull as many Google applications cannot be disabled when updated.
2. Tap on 'Factory data reset'
3. then 'Reset phone'. Data will be erased from internal storage only.
4. 'Erase everything'
5. Yes.
6. Go to 'Settings' menu again, then tap on 'Apps'.
7. Tap on 'all'
8. Tap on'Disable' and then 'Force Stop' for Google Play Store. Then tap on 'Clear Data'.
9. Do the same for 'Google Play services'.
10. For 'Google Account manager', 'Google App', 'Google text-to-speech engine', 'Google Play Games', 'Google Play Newsstand', 'Google Services Framework', 'Google keyboard', 'Google Contacts Sync', 'Google Calendar Sync', 'Google Play Movies and TV', 'Maps'21, 'Chrome', 'Gmail', 'Google Backup Transport', 'Google One Time Init', 'Google Partner Setup', 'Cloud print' and Browser.
11. Go to 'Disabled' and chech that all Applications that have been disabled.
12. Go to 'Disabled' and chech that all Applications that have been disabled.
13. Go to 'Disabled' and chech that all Applications that have been disabled.
14. Smartphones work much faster without all these applications and do not leak personal information.
15. In order to install applications from other sources you should go to 'security' menu and tap on 'Unknown sources'.

There is no need to have a Google account in order to donwload applications and games. There are many websites from where one can download APK files (Android package). It is not even required to install something like Google Play Store. Safe websites for downloading files are:


This is the safest way in order to have a fully functional mobile phone without Google. Some applications that 'leak' information may not work without playstore. But there are alternative apps.

If one wants to completely remove Google applications, will need to have superuser permissions on Android operating system. Since Android is Linux based, this can be achieved with a method called rooting. There are some applications that claim to do this, but they do not work for all smartphones. One of them, Kingoroot, makes connections and sends data to various companies such as Vodafone, so it is not reliable.

A simple way to gain su permissions and access all features of Android operating system is to 'program' cellphone`s rom with a recovery program. You can use TWRP.  You should have a backup of your phone`s original rom in order to restore it, in case something goes bad.

  1. enter recovery mode of cellphone. To do this press power and volume down at the same time. This works most of the times. On the internet you will find the correct key combination for your smartphone model.

  2. select 'install zip from sdcard', then select the folder on the SD card where you have downloaded TWRP.

  3. enter again recovery mode. This time TWRP menu comes up. Install SuperSU tool that gives access to administrator or superuser account.

An example of this method is shown at the following images for a 'difficult' mobile phone, where after obtaining administrator privileges on Android, it is possible to uninstall all Google applications from it.

Newest versions of Android such as 9&10 don`t have recovery mode, but you can use Android debug bridge (ADB) in order to install SuperSU. Instructions are slightly different for each smartphone, so you have to do a small research to find instructions for your model.

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