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Best way to be cured of this virus and all other viruses is to make immune system strong by taking 5-10 grams of vitamin C daily, plus one teaspoon of edible clay per dose dissolved in water. Vitamin C should be consumed 5 minutes after consuming clay. In most cases, in one day or two all symptoms will be gone. If necessary you could keep dosage for 5-10 days, depending if you are taking 1 or 2 grams of vitamin C per dosage. Body must be kept warm. It is stupidity to have windows open wide in the middle of the winter!!!

  • If you don`t want to get sick, you should take one gram of vitamin C daily during winter. During summer, bodies receives enough energy from sun and do not get sick.

  • If you are sick: 1 gram of vitamin C and a teaspoon of clay 5 times a day: 1st dosage at 08:00, 2nd dosage at 11:00, 3rd at 14:00, 4th dosage at 17:00 and 5th dosage at 20:00.

  • If you are very sick you should take 1 teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a glass of water between dosages described above: 1st dosage at 9:30, 2nd dosage at 12:30, 3rd dosage at 15:30, 4th dosage at 18:30, 5th dosage at 21:30. 

Vitamin C that is not absorbed will be expelled from the body, it does not have any side effects except perhaps diarrhea. Clay will fix this. Keep away from poor nutrition, cigarettes, alcohol so that body will be able to heal itself. You don`t have to take antibiotics as well, which may react with vitamin.

For common viruses, soda in above dosages is enough. Worst thing that someone can do is to watch TV and websites that increase fear and other negative emotions which bring down immune system, especially if many people are tuned when these images are displayed. This is some kind of black ritual.


This page is written mostly for the few people that still believe in God. Truth about this virus is far from what is shown in media. People who have been infected with covid virus and those who have died from it, are much much less than those reported at the media because:

Some TV channels have been funded with millions of euros to do brainwashing about this issue and cause mass hysteria at TV-watching population. This violates free will that is protected from Divine Law. In case you are wondering how this increases the number of the sick and dead, consider how much psychology affects human health. It is well known that doctors and relatives avoid to announce to patients that they have cancer in order to prolong their life. It is also possible for a healthy person to get sick when his subconscious is full of phobias and all these images he watches at TV every day, as immune system is deactivated at a percentage. That alone consists a crime against humanity.

Without God's help, we would have had many more deaths. During a visit i made to a provincial hospital for examinations, I found it almost empty, which shows the effect of fear at population. Majority of you have lost the ability to think and react if needed. They have also made people to beg for the vaccine, which contains mRNA, possibly microchips, causes allergies, damage to the male reproductive system, DNA mutation and death after some years.

31/10/22 Two years later what God has revealed to me in order to warn people is reality. Many cases of sudden death and many side effects. Vaccine wasn't tested for it`s effectiveness.

In mRNA molecules, are stored genetic instructions for proteins synthesis that act as antigens. Vaccination essentially forces human cells to produce SARSCoV-2 coronavirus proteins, which are then recognized by the immune system to produce antibodies. What is RNA?

In short, intervention in human DNA by people who do not believe in God.

18/3/22 Newest generation of vaccines, the ones after mRNA vaccines, will contain nanotechnology. They will bring harm to your soul as well, not only at your body.

If they succeed and persuade you for it what follows next? Mark of Revelation? China from where this fabricated virus emerged (something that is known at hospitals) already suggests what St. John describes at Revelation, a system with barcode and DNA for traders to cross borders. To understand what freedom is for China watch this video.

14/7/23 This video (freedom is for China) will dissolve any illusions about where artificial intelligence technology (AI) will be most used.

In short, with an event designed and exploited by dark people, they have achieved in a few months to:

31/10/22 Plan for unique file number is happening, in about two months after it was announced, (summer of 2022) 2 million people issued digital qr-code id`s. Smart watches are been used in daily transactions more often than before, preparing people for microchip implant, the mark that is the next generation of barcode, QR-code. One not very visible QR-code tattoo with 3 microchips, each one performing a certain function for every person placed on forehead or hand by laser technology that is not yet publicly available.



20/04/23 money is gradually becoming digital, read about digital Euro, digital UK currency and digital Ruble as well. Soon there will be digital dollar and a common digital currency for all countries)

It is odd that while public markets are full of people, it is forbidden for churches until today 27-5-20, to perform any rituals. Nearly all priests have not reacted.

An unprecedented dictatorship rules Greece. They have passed a law that punishes anyone who does not get the vaccine up to two years prisoning. Most people do not know anything about it.

2. These measures consist of: (a) compulsory clinical and laboratory medical examination, health monitoring, vaccination, medication and hospitalization of persons for whom there is a reasonable suspicion that they may transmit the disease directly or indirectly.

6. Whoever does not comply with measures of this article is punished with imprisonment of up to two (2) years, unless act is punished more severely by another provision.

Law in greek:

Greeks are forced to wear masks even at the streets, something that is meaningless.

30-11-22 they cause damage to respiratory system and exhaustion because of continuous CO2 inhalation. It is stupidity for one to believe that masks protect from this virus. Viruses usually size from 20nm (0,000000020 meters) to 400nm (0,0000004 meters. Covid virus measures 125nm (0,000000125 meters while most 'effective' until now 95 masks have pores that size 10m at best, (0,00001 meters). This means that covid virus is 8 times smaller than mask pores!!! Some claim that viruses travel along with water molecules. Even if this is true, average water particles are 2 times smaller than mask pores!!)

This unlike other countries where few citizens wear masks, even some shops are open. See below very recent videos (12/20) from different cities. Why we are treated like this, and most important why did they close our Lord`s Church and why haven`t reacted at all? Why do people follow devil (TV) who entered every house as Saint Cosmas of Aetolia used to say? Some priests have been persecuted because they were giving Holy Communion to faithful people while at quarantine. Why do we live in a new era of Christians persecution?

China  1  2  3  4  5 
England  1  2  3  4
Netherlands  1  2  3  4

Because if Orthodox Greece falls into the hands of Antichrist, it will be very easy for other countries that have very little faith in God to fall as well. The latter will happen if the majority of Greek inhabitants accept in their hearts antichrist`s plan which is carried out gradually and is described in Revelation and briefly above. We should turn to God and pray. Only in Him lies salvation. Only He can heal everything. 

12/07/23 Greek people seem by their actions, that they have accepted antichrist`s plan at their majority, his plans will be passing by with little or no reactions at all. This means that their souls will go where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. For all those who now live in sin and will leave this world in pain or martyrdom, there is our Lord`s promise written on Gospels, when he was on the cross. That is, if we ask God's forgiveness at the last moment of our life sincerely and not with hypocrisy, He will take us to heaven.

Something else that promotes Antichrist's plans is the so called globalwarming, that leads ice at poles to melt. Please notice that we are talking about a total increase of 1C - 33.8 F since 1880!! Initially, NWO scientists claimed that cause of this was that poor cows were eating a lot of grass and also had a lot of gas. After this passing to people, they continued their brainwashing theories, claiming that burning of fossil fuels is to blame and that we need to turn to green forms of electricity production. Tesla has given from 1900 electricity generating engines using cosmic energy and wireless transport of it, and other ways of producing electricity without combustion and primitive photovoltaics. They were never used. Let us not forget the way all these dark people work, that they are playing with men souls by using collective unconscious and all that they care about is power over everything including people and certainly not about the environment.


Let's take a look at real temperatures in Athens during July 2023. Those given by the NWO reported up to 47 C. In fact, they did not exceed 42 C, as in other cities, something one could see by placing a thermometer outside house. The actual temperatures were always 4-5 C lower.

Let us now see how much of ice has really melted that these people claim. No matter how much I searched, I couldn't find real satellite photos showing North Pole, except for one. The others are schematic representations or edited photos.


According to Google, which is now subsidiary of US military, there is no ice at North Pole.


According to a NASA program, also there is no more ice at North Pole.


According to NSIDC, which is based on images from NASA satellites, this representation shows that in year 2021, a minimal percentage of ice has been lost in some places compared to years from 1980 to 2010, without of course showing how much has been added to other points. Ice is not cement that stays still over the years.


Finally, the only real photo I could find, which is taken in 2018. Looks like ice is still in place :)


Truth is that the Sun occasionally increases activity and is not a ball that has once kicked in and became fiery as NWO scientists misinform you. Extreme weather events of the last three years are related to planets movement and Sun`s activity and are not accidental, but God is letting these things happen because Earth`s inhabitants are participating in Antichrist's plans. In this channel you can see a part of the disasters that have happened in the world, since 2020 when the 'pandemic' started. The number and size of the disasters are unprecedented for our time. You can search in previous years and compare the number of natural disasters with these.

How about earthquakes? As Sun is increasing it`s activity this leads, among other phenomena, to solar storms that increase Earth's core energy potential. This energy is transmitted to the rest of Earth`s layers, especially the mantle which mostly is energy in nature. Relieving of this energy towards planet`s crust leads to increase of earthquakes and volcanoe explosions, because as number of earthquakes increases dearly, it leads to increase in volcanic explosions and appearence of new volcanos. In fact, very recently Santorini volcano is being monitored again as is expected to explode again.

When volcanic activity will have been increased to a very large percentage, then Earth's crust will begin to melt from place to place (not as shown in the movie 2012 !!) and shift, something that has happened in the past and it is written at Revelation, though it will take some time to happen. Another thing that soon will happen and it is also written at Revelation is shifting of the whole planet to another track - point of the solar system. When our Lord decides it, an Archangel will send the planet through the 4th dimension to the point where it should be.

All this happens because of our sins. Looking at the charts, one could say that X axis is our sins that grow over the years and not earthquakes.

Volcanoes activity was recently increased mainly due to a planet that passed near Earth about two years ago. The magnetism of this planet pulled magma from volcanoes. In 2012 there have been so intense solar storms that NASA was afraid that electric - electronic devices would be disabled. Now again we have something similar. Look at the charts how number of earthquakes is increasing in those years.

In Greece that betrayed God, earthquakes increased by 92.66% in 2020 compared to 2019 and by 293.216% in 2021 compared to 2019.

total number of earthquakes:

volcano activity:

statistical data from

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