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This guide is written mostly for Christians in order to survive during events that are written in Revelation. It is written as simple as possible in order that anyone can understand it. Solutions that are given here are economically affordable. Apocalypse events have been accelerated lately. The first of the seven trumpets has sounded in 2021.

This is pretty bad for all, as WWIII is coming soon, which will be more destructive than two previous ones together and will last for several years. Russia is the only superpower that is not controlled by black hierarchies so far. USA allegiance to Antichrist is certain unless they choose a president who believes in God. Asian and African countries have already sided with Antichrist. So Russia needs to use something more than conventional weapons (toy on a ship) to deal with dark controlled countries coalition.

Antichrist`s dictatorship has already been established at some extend with the so called covid pandemic. What they are planning next is to replace id, vaccine and money (soon all countries will use crypto currencies) with the famous mark of the beast, that is a not very visible QR-code tattoo for every person placed on forehead or hand)

Revelation 14

9 A third angel followed them and said in a loud voice: If anyone worships the beast and its image and receives its mark on their forehead or on their hand,

10 they, too, will drink the wine of Gods fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath. They will be tormented with burning sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and of the Lamb

It goes without saying that if we do not want to lose our souls by accepting this microchip, we should find a way to survive. We will have shortages in everything that we could buy so far with money, because no one will be able to buy or sell without this implant and there will be large shortages and contamination of food and water due to war. Time required between sowing and harvesting in a garden is 3-4 months. Some of the solutions that are proposed here take some time for preparation. Therefore, one should not wait until he/she sees in TV news that WW3 has started, since then it will be too late.

Let's start solving one by one all problems that will have emerged:

Nuclear weapons and radioactivity: More or less we will have to deal with a factor that we did not have in mind until now. When an atomic bomb explodes, huge amounts of heat are released, which can cause up to fourth degree burnings to anything within several kilometers from the point of detonation and fires as well. Range depends on bomb`s megatons (1 megaton bomb equals to 1.000.000 tones of TNT explosive power). They cause radioactive clouds which consists of radioactive particles, dust and ash, and can remain at the atmosphere for several days or even months. They can cause black rains due to particles released by these bombs when they mix with existing particles of the atmosphere and moisture thus creating clouds. They can also make electrical appliances useless due to electromagnetic pulse emitted by them.

Since it is quite difficult for everyone of us to own underground concrete bunkers, we will need a simple solution that will protect us up to an extend from radioactivity and other effects of nuclear weapons. Water is a good insulator of several types of radiation such as Gamma and X-rays. So one can use several water-mattresses to cover doors and windows and other parts of house. Houses made of concrete offer enough insulation from radiation anyway. In case one needs to move by car, he/she should have water in bottles in the car for protection. That is if you have enough fuel for it. Water in bottles should be changed regularly and taken from a source as clean as possible. Your garden that will keep you alive, should be made indoors. Keep in mind that it takes about five weeks for an area to be cleansed from nuclear weapons radiation while water from lakes and springs several years.

Food: In order to survive one needs half of the amount of food that he/she consumes nowadays but need to chew food twice the time than he/she usually does. That way most if not all diseases of the digestive system will be cured. It is not difficult at all to have a garden indoors in an apartment or even better in a storagehouse where planting bags can be hanged from the ceiling so that they do not take up any space. It is mandatory for plants to have enough lighting - led lights suitable for growing plants above each pot or bag. In order to survive one should have at least the following: (quantities listed are enough to meet the needs of a family for a month)

One should use compost soil and perlite to improve soil, manure for fertilizer and a copper based pesticide such as bordeaux mixture in order to prevent diseases.

Water: As water is essential for a human being in order to survive, one should have stored plenty of it. One can use tanks which will be filled by rainwater and then cover them for protection from radioactivity. This water can be used to water your garden, for washing. For drinking one will need many bottles of bottled water. Bottled water does not go bad as long as it is stored in a dark and cool place away from chemicals such as typical household cleanings. However, plastic bottles could deteriorate over time and leak polyethylene into water, which is no big deal compared with contaminated water in many lakes and springs from radioactivity of nuclear weapons. Besides one can use a tulle filled with activated carbon made of palm to clean this. Water from wells that is clean can be used for drinking even if nuclear bombs have dropped near, as it takes several months for water after a nuclear blast to become contaminated.

A very large orgonite properly made can clean contaminated water up to an extend.

In order to survive a person needs at least 30 liters of water every month.

Medicine: One should seek healing through God`s pharmacy which truly heals diseases. As most diseases in so called western world come from bad diet and wrong way of living and as goods will be more to difficult for everyone to acquire, diseases and need for medicines will decrease significantly. Herbs that are a must are the following: (quantities listed are enough to meet the needs of a small town)

Electricity: Electricity is mandatory for our daily needs. If you are not Tesla who can generate electricity from anywhere or if you do not live near a river so you can easily generate electricity from a washing machine, you will need a photovoltaic system or even better electric power generators connected to bicycles. Using these generators is better, because photovoltaic are expensive and there will not be enough sunlight due to radioactive clouds.

For a country such as Greece all this should be prepared by the army since ego here is enormous. There should be two gardens-warehouses of medicines per small town (population 30.000), one big garden-warehouse for food. Each house will have its personal garden anyway. Most important thing is to have faith in God and no pride because from pride comes moaning, envy, malignancy, quarrels, wars. Let us not forget that passions and that we drove away God from our hearts is the cause of these events.

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