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In today's world of medicines, FDA does not let companies to sell medical-grade products unless they have been tested which has a very high cost. Only then they are approved as medicines. But this was not always the case. In a 1924 brochure published by Arm & Hammer Soda Company, is saying: "The proven value of Arm & Hammer Bicarbonate Soda as a therapeutic agent is shown by the following writings of a prominent medical personality called Dr. Volney S.Cheney, in a letter to the Church & Dwight Society: "In 1918 and 1919, while I was fighting flu, working with the American Public Health Services, it came to my knowledge that someone who had been alkalized with sodium carbonate rarely could get a disease, and that those who did but quickly alkalized themselves had mild symptoms. Since then I have cured all cases of cold and flu giving generous doses of sodium bicarbonate and in many cases within 36 hours symptoms were completely receded.  Also, I used sodium bicarbonate in my office, as a preventative for colds. Then there were many reports showing that people who took baking soda were not affected, while almost everyone around them had flu. According to Materia Medica of Walter Bastedo, sodium bicarbonate softens the mucous membranes and dissolves dense mucus.

In 1925, recommended doses from the Arm and Hammer Company for colds and flu were: 

Baking soda comes from a natural mineral and is one of the safest and most useful products. It can be used as a household cleaner, for sunburn treatment, as an alternative to toxic body deodorants,and to improve sports performance.

Few people realize, however, that baking soda has strong medicinal properties. If taken internally it helps maintaining  pH balance in our blood. This is probably the reason why baking soda can be used to treat cold, flu symptoms, even cancer. 

Further instructions for taking soda can be found in Mark Sircus' Sodium bicarbonate / Cancer Therapy for the Poor and Rich "which is also available in Kindle. According to Arm & Hammer dosing instructions, you should not exceed seven doses with half a teaspoon per day, and if you are over 60, do not take more than three doses a half a teaspoon a day. In addition, do not use the maximum dosage for more than two weeks. 

Baking soda
 against cancer

Dr. Tullio Simonici and Mark Sircus advise on using baking soda, even for the most serious of diseases: cancer! Unfortunately, despite all the evidence that baking soda does indeed have enormous potential, such as an effective and non-toxic cancer treatment, conventional medicine refuses to accept it, since baking soda will never give enormous profits to pharmaceutical companies. Even worse, they try to discredit or totally destroy those who dare to display cheap treatment options like baking soda. 

There is no doubt about this: cancer treatment is the "burger", and for all drug cases there seems to be some unwritten law that a drug will be studied and accepted if there is a chance to get a profit of it. Dr. Simoncini, an oncologist (cancer specialist), was removed from the medical community when he refused to use conventional methods of cancer treatment and instead use sodium bicarbonate. 

This, despite the fact that he was able to prove that 99 percent of breast and bladder cancer can be treated in just six days without the use of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, using just a local penetration device (such as catheter) to put sodium bicarbonate directly into the infected area of your breast tissue or bladder! 

In his book "Winning the War on Cancer," Dr. Sircus writes: "Sodium bicarbonate is the fastest method to return the body's alkalinity to normal levels. Bicarbonate is inorganic, very alkaline and, like other minerals, supports a large number of biological functions. Sodium bicarbonate happens to be one of our most useful drugs because alkaline physiology is fundamental to life and health. Chemotherapy in many cases actually includes soda to protect the kidneys of the patient, heart and nervous system. It has been said that chemotherapy without the simultaneous taking of sodium bicarbonate could possibly kill you on the spot. Could in this mixing of baking soda with poisons, the improvements that are noticed to be due to baking soda rather than toxic poisons? Sircus thinks it could. "There are no studies that will divide the effects of soda from toxic chemotherapy drugs and they will never exist," he says. If one has an open mind, he will quickly learn that there are many ways to support his bodys treatment without any toxic drugs, vaccines or surgery, even when it comes to a serious condition like cancer.

(Source: Idr)

Personal observations: I can guarantee from my personal experience that baking soda treats at least all viral diseases-infections. Especially when flu is at beginning of its manifestation if someone takes baking soda at dosages described above does not get sick. You can also use it against the new virus 19, which is just another virus. For more serious conditions, you can add to whatever you eat and drink a small amount of soda for two to three weeks. Certainly there will be improvement, even treatment in some cases. It is very important that we do not forget God and pray to Him. Many people have been cured that way in cases that modern medicine could not help.

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