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Today were presenting a miraculous plant called aranto that can treat numerous diseases and conditions including cancer. The plant is native to Madagascar but can now be found all throughout South America, where it was introduced by slaves in the past who knew everything about its medicinal properties. According to newest studies, aranto is a powerful natural remedy against different types of cancer.

Aranto is an ornamental plant that is popular in South American countries, where people have been using it as a natural remedy for cancer for centuries. The plant belongs to the Kalanchoe daigremotiana family of plants. As a natural cancer treatment, it is highly popular in Spanish-speaking countries such as Argentina, Colombia and Paraguay. If you happen to visit Buenos Aires and go into a bookstore, youll find many books on arantos health benefits.

Besides treating cancer, the plant has also been used as a treatment for skin lesions, gangrene and wounds. It has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties which are useful for relieving fever, diarrhea, rheumatism, renal colic and even psychological disorders such as schizophrenia and panic attacks.

To use aranto against cancer, mix a leaf of the plant (30gr) with 200 ml. in a blender and drink the smoothie fresh twice a day. If youre wondering where to find it, aranto grows out on country plains and is easy to recognize. The plant is similar to the Kalanchoe brasiliensis plant, which has the same therapeutic properties.


Personal observations: You should keep this plant in a pot in or in your garden in case you need it. It spreads rapidly if grown in a garden. I personally know people that have been cured from cancer by using this plant. It can`t cure all type of cancer of course, because cancer as rest of the diseases are caused by sins. Cancer is related to sins made because of one`s lust. Therefore, in order for a person to be cured from cancer, while his body is being cured with this plant he/she should turn to God through prayer and avoid completely every lustful thought. This will happen if you do not feed your body with harmful substances, inappropriate food and especially if you do not violate Divine Law.

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